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March 31, 2013
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"Oh man! Why me?!" I ran helplessly through alleyways and streets. 'Losing this guy is harder than finding him! Man, I wish I hadn't gotten myself into this mess! I'm such an idiot!'

Well, if you're just tuning in, I'm currently being pursued by a blood sucking leech! My names (y/n) (l/n), and let me tell you, I'm in some deep trouble. This creature is none other than a vampire, and a very hungry one at that... What happened to get him to chase me, you ask? Well, that's easy, I just decided to take a stroll at 10:00pm, that's how! I sound kinda stupid right now, right? Well, how would you act if you had a blood sucker on your trail? Very similar, I could imagine.

"Shit!" I yelled, this is it. I ran, not even looking were I sped off to. Now, I'm stuck in an alley with a dead end... Like I said, why do I have no common sense!!!

"Well, well... What do we have here? A little late night snack?" His eyes glowed with something mighty and wicked. If it were day, I'm sure one could still see those red eyes glow. This horrifying image will forever be burned into my mind - the last few seconds of my forever anyway.

He proceeded towards me. I, out of instinct, instantly took steps back. With every step he took forward, I took one back. This lasted what I thought of as an eternity. That is, until I ran out of space to back up. The vampire continued to stalk towards me, getting closer with every inch. He got so close that I could feel his hot breath against my face. I looked at the ground immediately, not daring to look in his vile eyes; eyes filled with hatred and hunger. I would rather have my last sight be of the ground than those ugly, souless eyes.

"My dear, you shouldn't have been out. 'Tis a shame I will have to end your life here. You're a beauty, you know." I couldn't stand his words; you could practically see the venom dripping from his mouth as he spoke. I'm truly sickened by this foul beast.

I closed my eyes, waiting for it all to end. Waiting for that light at the end of the road I never will finish... Though this moment never came. I could still feel the vampire's figure looming over me, but now he seemed tense... Too tense. Something isn't right, I should be dead now. That's how this sorta thing works, but I'm not. What could have caused this vampire to halt his little snack time?

"You, my dear sir, should be ashamed!" So that's what caused the hold up. Maybe if I'm lucky, the vampire will go after this joker instead! Then, I can make my escape and live a long happy life! 'Yeah, that's a good plan (y/n)! If he doesn't come looking for you...'

"Kirkland..." I heard the vampire mutter.

"Now, that's no way to treat a king, now is it?" Wait, wait, hold up! King? how could this Kirkland guy be a king?

"I-I uh... Well, sir, I was only hungry..." He trailed off.

"Well, you can't have this one. Now run along now! I'll take care of her." How come this vampire isn't sucking that guy's blood by now! There must be a reason, unless... He's one too. The king of the vampires at that...

The other vampire let go of me, letting my body fall to the ground rather harshly. I let out a small squeak from my surprise at his sudden actions, only to look up in horror at this Kirkland guy. He was blonde, the kind of blonde that can rival the sun's rays of light. Green, almost emerald eyes, that only intensified with an eerie, yet hypnotizing glow. Sitting above those beautiful eyes were eyebrows I can only describe as large, yet made no negative effect on his complexion. In fact, they fit just right. Then, we come to his lips. Sure enough, there poking out sat a pearly white fang glistening in the moonlit night. Just as I thought, he is a vampire, the king at that. Though, if he was to kill me, I wouldn't mind if his face were to be the last thing I see. After all, he is quite handsome, what you might call 'eye-candy' at that.

"Well, hello, love." Upon closer inspection of his voice, I took note of the British accent that it held. Man, if he wasn't going to kill me right now, I would so ask him out.

He took one of his fingers, gently lifting my chin as if he wished to look his meal over for possible imperfections. A gentle smile took hold of his face. Apparently, I'm of satisfaction to him, or maybe it's something else. All in all, I'm hoping for the second option.

"Your quite lovely to look at my dear." He whispered softly in my ear, sending shivers up my spine. "In fact, I think I'll keep you around, just so I may look at you whenever I wish." Yet again he whispered, this time causing a small blush to grace my features. "My names Arthur, Arthur Kirkland. I'm the leader of the vampires in these parts, but they tend to call me their 'king'. So, what would your name be? That is, if you even speak."

"I-I'm (y/n), (y/n) (l/n), your majesty." Okay, I must have sounded stupid on that line. A little too formal as well. 'I mean, I'm talking to a leech for crying out loud! Although, he is a handsome leech...'

The vampire, no, Arthur, began to laugh slightly before taking my hand. Yet again, a small blush appeared on my face. He gently pulled me from my position on the ground, a smile on his face all the while. Had he no intentions of hurting me? Or, just what game had he set up for me?

"No need to be so formal, love." He lightly chuckled, "if anything, just call me Arthur."

"Y-yes sir." There I go again, how come I can't just speak as confident as I think?

"You're quite funny, you know that, love?" I'm funny? vampy boy thinks I'm funny?

"How am I funny to you?" This time I didn't stutter. Not a single hint of fear was evident in my voice, though right now, I'm a nervous wreck!

"You humans just are that way." That's it? That's all he has to say?!

"Hmmph!" I turned my back to him and stuck up my nose. This only earned a chuckle from Arthur.

"Well, love hate to ruin your pouting, but we have to leave."

"We? What do you mean, we?"

"You're coming with me, love." he said with chuckle.

"Wait, What?!"

"You heard me."

Arthur then proceeded to drag me to wherever it is we were supposed to go. 'Looks like he's going to kill me after all... Oh joy...'


"Ah, here we are! Home sweet home!" By this time I dragged my feet to even be able to move an inch. If this were normal conditions, I would've passed out at the door, but obviously it's not. I'm with a vampire, so the likely out come of going to sleep would ultimatly be death. So, I'd rather lose a year of sleep, if that's my other option.

He never let go of my wrist the entire time, and continued to drag me on a tour of the 'house'. Actually, the place seemed more like a castle than a 'house.' Paintings hung on the walls, floral decor dotted the house. From the wall-paper to the many vases, flowers were evident throughout the place. It was quite beautiful, for a vampire's home, at that. I gawked with amazement throughout every room.

Arthur seemed pleased with my reactions to his house. He smiled often at my childish amazement, admiring also my beauty in the process. Though, the one question still lingered at the back of my mind, 'what is he planning to do with me?' Curse that stupid thought, if it wasn't for that thought, I could have thoroughly enjoyed my tour.

"So, love, like where you'll be staying?" Wait, I'm staying here? Oh, no!

"What? Stay? Here?"

"Yes, you'll be living with us from now on." Just as he said this he called for someone, or more than someone. More like a bunch of someones.

In front of me stood three other men, all bared fangs. One sported glasses which covered sea-blue eyes. He also had dusty blonde hair. The one beside this man - well, vampire, also wore glasses, only they covered violet eyes. His hair, in comparison with the first, was only about two shades lighter. The third, and last, had deep, deep blue eyes -almost purple. He also had shining blonde hair. Great, I'm in a house full of blonde vampires...

"Love, meet Alfred, Matthew, and Francis." Arthur introduced, "they will be your house-mates. Alfred, Matthew, Francis, this is (y/n). She will be living with us." He finished off his introduction with a smile. He seemed to believe that these new living arrangements would be just perfect. I, on the other hand...

"H-hi." I said meekly, waving shyly at the trio.

"Bonjour! Nice to 'ave a new member in the 'ouse 'old." Francis chirped. The man seemed to have a French accent, I noted as he draped an arm around my shoulders. Other than a flirty attitude, he seemed nice...

"Nice to be here, I guess..." I mumble the last part, though it seems as if Arthur heard me.

"Oh love, no need to be afraid. We're not going to hurt you." The tone he used was gentle, which eased me a little. "Besides, I saved you for a very special reason." A special reason? What would that be?

"Really? Then, why did you save me?"

"You'll see. But I promise you, you're safe with us." 'I'll see'? Well, that surely comforted me...

*To Be Continued*
My first reader insert on DA, I've written others but those are on my Quotev. Any way feedback apreaciated!

I don't own Hetalia or you! I only own the storyline!

Also a very special thanks to :icontianhuifan: for correcting my horrible spelling and grammer!

Chapter two:
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